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Powerpuff Girls Party Decorations
Powerpuff Girls
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Printable Birthday Party Games
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Powerpuff Girls
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Powerpuff Girls Birthday Party
Powerpuff Girls
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Powerpuff Girls Party Supplies
Powerpuff Girls
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Powerpuff Girls

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Powerpuff Girls Parties
Powerpuff Girls
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Powerpuff Girls
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Powerpuff Girls Parties
Enjoy Powerpuff Girls parties by using matching colors and styles throughout your celebration. Free printable activity (coloring page) to go with the Powerpuff Girls party theme.  Click below to print!
Free Powerpuff Girls Coloring Page
Free Activity Powerpuff Girls Coloring Page

Powerpuff Girls Party Theme
The Powerpuff Girls party theme is fun when setting the venue environment completely with the theme.  Save money using our free printable Powerpuff Girls invite. 

Powerpuff Girls Gift & Toys
Give the guest of honor a Powerpuff Girls gift and the guests Powerpuff Girls toys as favors.

Powerpuff Girls Party Supplies
The Powerpuff Girls party supplies shall set the feel of the event from napkins to pinatas.

Powerpuff Girls Party Decorations
Scene setters to centerpieces the Powerpuff Girls party decorations should match the party theme.

Powerpuff Girls Birthday Invitations
The Powerpuff Girls birthday invitations let the kids know the theme, thus, some guests will give matching gifts. There are 3 up on the page and fits into a regular business size envelope.  Click the invite to instantly print your free invitations.

Pin The Tail On Blossom is a fun alternative to the standard game. Just draw Blossom really large, make a bow, and you're all set. Add a Powerpuff pinata as part of your decorations and everyone will be impressed. Just when you thought the era of flower power was dead, emerged three unlikely evangelists for the cause that are way too cute to be ignored – the Powerpuff Girls. This classic cartoon series is a favorite of every little girl with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup being their ultimate role models. So this makes for a great theme for an action packed girls’ slumber party or even a birthday.

The color scheme for a Powerpuff Girls party should revolve around pink, green and blue - the trademarks of each of the girls. So use them in your balloons, decorations, table setting etc. The Powerpuff girls fight crime while looking adorable as ever so why not arrange for some beauty salon sessions. This could include manicures and pedicures with sparkly nail paints and hair styling with over-sized bows just like our little super-heroines. The girls will love to pose for photographs after they are all done up!

The Powerpuff girls were accidentally created when an experiment by the Professor Utomium to create the perfect girl went wrong and he created three of them instead; one from “sugar” (Bubbles), the other from “spice” (Butturcup) and the third from “everything nice” (Blossom.) You can play around with this theme by introducing a baking session into your slumber party where the girls can help you bake cookies or maybe just frost them with colorful icing.

A perfect way to wind up a Powerpuff Girls evening is to have everyone lie around on blankets and watch some of the episodes from the show.

Powerpuff Girls Birthday Party
The Powerpuff Girls birthday party is an all time classic event fun with traditional games.

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